At Tejas Spa, our signature fresh body scrub powder, highly recommended for its inclusion of turmeric as the main ingredient, aims to enchant and enhance your natural glow. This exfoliation treatment not only delivers a delightful sensory experience but also offers numerous benefits for the skin. The addition of turmeric in our scrub is purposefully designed to harness its renowned healing characteristics, effectively aiding in the gentle yet thorough removal of accumulated dull surface skin cells.

By incorporating turmeric, a well-known natural healer, our exfoliation treatment at Tejas Spa exceeds the standard scrub experience. The exceptional qualities of turmeric assist in eliminating dead skin cells, enhancing circulation, and contribute to achieving skin that is not only softer but also revitalized. This specially crafted treatment is committed to providing comprehensive rejuvenation, ensuring your skin receives top-notch care while offering a comforting and sensorial spa indulgence.

This treatment is offered at Tejas Spa Bisma, Tejas Spa Jembawan, Tejas Spa Unagi, Tejas Spa Warnakali, Tejas Spa Monkey Forest, and Tejas Spa The Sun of Granary.

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