Step into a world of culinary heritage at Adiwana Monkey Forest with its new signature dish launched this August, Nasi Raja; a journey through time with age-old recipes passed down through generations. Drawing inspiration from the Balinese royal feasts, the Nasi Raja set features a Balinese pandanus yellow rice cone, accompanied by an array of 7 delectable dishes; marinated fried chicken, sweet and spicy grilled prawns, chicken satay, sweet tempe, stir-fried rice noodles, braised egg, and Balinese-style vegetables. The set also comes with a medley of Nusantara sambals (ulek, matah, and goreng) and crackers.

All the dishes are elegantly presented on a Balinese ‘Dulang’, a circular wooden tray with legs. In Bali, the dulang is typically used for ceremonies, serving as a platform to display offerings in the form of fruit known as ‘Gebogan.’ Ceremonies and offerings in Bali are intricately woven with art and culture, thus holding significant artistic value. This tradition symbolizes unity and cultural importance during special occasions.

Enjoy the Nasi Raja set for two at a price of IDR 350,000++. Reserve your spot now by reaching out to Adiwana Monkey Forest through WhatsApp at +62 813 37259375 or via email at [email protected].