At Nusa Penida, an adventure awaits you with every corner filled with beautiful scenery. However, the best of all awaits you at Amok Sunset Bar & Restaurant. Perched upon the cliff with an uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean and Mount Agung, a relaxing dining experience with stunning scenery awaits. As the sunset brings its golden hues across the ocean, you can enjoy it with our delightful foods blending international influences with the vibrant essence of local cuisine, and vibrant cocktails.

Stepping into Amok Sunset, you are greeted by the picturesque sight of traditional Balinese ‘Bale Bale’ roofs harmonizing seamlessly with modern bamboo architecture. Picture yourself lounging in our treetop nests, soaking in panoramic views of majestic Mount Agung and the breathtaking Bali sunsets. These cozy spaces are designed to accommodate up to four people, making them perfect for intimate gatherings with friends or cherished moments of solitude. Additionally, we offer two pools for your cooling down and relaxation needs, ensuring a pampering experience for all.

Starting this month, we invite you to indulge in our latest culinary offerings: a delectable selection of Dim Sum, including the classic Ha Gow, savory Shu Mai, and flavorful Wonton. Each bite is lovingly prepared by our passionate team, delivering the perfect balance of lightness and satisfaction. Whether you’re seeking a culinary adventure, or simply a place to unwind and drinking with friends, Amok Sunset Bar & Restaurant invites you to experience the magic of Nusa Penida Island in all its glory.

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